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Example Of Wild West Attitude

Last year Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Area C Director Susie Gimse proved a good example of a "wild west attitude" within Pemberton, and few could really figure out why. Perhaps it's because she's not shy about taking a strong stand on various issues that affect her rural neighbours. Unfortunately she didn't make it this year, edged out by hitching posts at the Pony parking lot. The Pemberton Barn Dance also proved a good example, as did a Big Valley Rib Platter at the Meadows at Pemberton Golf Course's Black Squirrel restaurant. Horses tied up to the aforementioned posts also proved popular, as did Bob Menzel, owner of Adventures on Horseback.


Favourite Agricultural Product

Do you need to ask? It's so obviously potatoes. They're known throughout the valley, the Corridor and even in select restaurants in Vancouver - possibly even around the world if you're in the potato business. David Duchovny helped make them more famous in an outtake from the X-Files sequel when he farted and said it must be them potatoes. Potato Jack is the valley's mascot and you can find bags of the things in Whistler grocery stores. But that's not the only bounty that this lush valley yields. Other favourites among agricultural products include strawberries, hay, asparagus, beets and... marijuana. But that too we can't legally endorse.


Least Like Pemberton

The Golden Arch sticks out like a tall, awkward citizen despite its location in a frontier-style building. With such close access to a cornucopia of food you can get from local soil, who needs a McDonald's? Probably quite a few people, as it isn't showing signs of going out of business. Other stuff that doesn't quite fit in includes BMW's, high rent, disgruntled railway police and smoke from forest fires.


Most Desired Big City Amenity

There's a lot you can get in Pemberton and its surrounding communities but being a small town there's no doubt a few things that get missed. A Canadian Tire is a desired big city amenity in Pemberton, although with the political sentiment in town it's hard to believe a big-box retailer would ever make it in. You can get a lot at a Canadian Tire but that would likely take away from small businesses. An airport is also a desired amenity, despite there being one on Airport Road.


Most Dubious Decision Made By Council