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Best of Pemberton 2009



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Best Neighbourhood

A lot of competition in this category, with a ton of individual streets and stretches of the region put down as options for the Best Neighbourhood in Pemberton. Eventually the family-oriented "Glen" neighbourhood won out. It's also known as "Vinyl Village" for the trademark vinyl siding on its single-family homes. There's a rumour within Pemberton that the Vinyl Village is responsible for a trend against vinyl siding in favour of wood, but no doubt the owners are loving the lack of painting and maintenance required. Other neighbourhoods cited here include Mountain Trails, Pioneer Junction and the Benchlands - also known as "Snob Hill," although the people who live there are perfectly nice.


Best Party 2009

We all know what the best party that didn't happen in Pemberton this year was, so why not focus on what was there? The Two-Acre Shaker ranked atop this category. That was a full-day party on August 15 that had artists such as OKA, Jon and Roy and The Release throwing down at Old Kirk Becker's Farm. Guests were welcome to camp on the property for an event that was initially planned to coincide with the Slow Food Cycle Sunday before it was cancelled due to the forest fires. It nevertheless proved a popular one in its own right. It was followed closely in voting by the triumphant return of the Pemberton Barn Dance.

When's the festival coming back? No one knows when or if, but these parties should suffice in the meanwhile.


Best Pemberton Trend

Human reproduction has proven a popular trend in Pemberton, as "babies" was the victor in the "Best Pemberton Trend" category. There are more kids than you can count in Pemberton. Go to the Mount Currie Coffee Company and you'll find swarms of mothers and multiple babies coming in for a coffee or two. Anyone who has concerns about the population of North America dropping off need only visit Pemberton and see that a reproductive industry is alive and well. Cruiser and electric bikes also proved popular in this category, as did "Man Night" at the Meadows at Pemberton Golf Course.


Best Reason To Own A 4X4

4X4's are ubiquitous in Sea to Sky for all those who can afford them. And they're certainly popular in Pemberton, which sees 4X4 rallies as the best reason to own them. A 4X4 rally took place last June at the Pemberton Speedway just off Highway 99 and brought all the energy and metal carnage of a monster truck rally to Spud Valley. People piled up alongside the track and watched as cars dug through mud to show off their machines. Surely not an impressive thing for the environmental activists in Sea to Sky but for anyone else it was a sight to behold.