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Bedouin Soundclash solidifying message

Canadian band bring jazz, punk, reggae, hip hop influences to Whistler Music Festival



Who: Bedouin Soundclash

When: Saturday, July 19, 2:30 p.m.

Where: Base II, Blackcomb

Tickets: $67.50/day or $120 for two-day pass

In a matter of days, the musical stylings of some big name performers from both sides of the 49 th parallel will be echoing through the mountains.

The men of Bedouin Soundclash were in Florida just last Friday as part of the annual Warped Tour, but this weekend, they’ll be in our neck of the woods to perform during the first Whistler Music Festival.

With Eon Sinclair on bass, Pat Pengelly on drums, and Jay Malinowski on guitar and vocals, Bedouin Soundclash’s music is an amalgam of reggae, rock, punk and soul.

Best known for their mainstream hits like, “When The Night Feels My Song,” and “1259 Lullaby,” which ended up on the hit TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy,” the group’s musical influences are deep and varied, and their overall sound is rich and distinctive.

The guys all met while studying at Queens University, and discovered they had a shared love of music.

“We had no intention of starting a band,” Malinowski said. “I met Eon and we just started trading records, actually… and then one day I walked by his room and I saw him playing bass and I was like, ‘we should play something sometime.’”

The three friends hung out for months before they started making music together, and it took a while longer for them to actually admit they were a band.

“We always thought it was kind of clichéd that we were in a band,” Malinowski said with a laugh.

They certainly never imagined that their band would transform their love of music into a viable career.

The music didn’t drive them to abandon academia — they all stuck it out and finished their respective degrees — but it turns out they haven’t put them to much use yet. Since Bedouin Soundclash first came onto the scene in 2001, the trio has been pretty busy, releasing three full-length albums, making music videos, and touring extensively. So far, they’ve scored an award as the Best New Group at the 2006 Canadian Radio Music Awards, and a 2006 JUNO Award for New Group of The Year.

Growing up in Vancouver, Malinowski was raised on a steady diet of West coast punk and bigger names, like the Clash, that helped him transition into reggae, which is an integral part of Bedouin Soundclash’s signature sound.

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