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Bed cap still leaves lots of room

More than 8,000 beds still to be developed



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Kirkegaard said that many of the remaining bed units might never be developed, or may not be developed for many years. For example, there are parcels in existing neighbourhoods where owners may have one house on two lots. Also, Phase 2 of Cheakamus Crossing will only be built if there is enough demand for additional resident-restricted housing. As well, densities could change - if the demand is for single-family homes rather than townhomes or condos, that could subtract from the bed cap.

The remaining development lots are distributed throughout Whistler, said Kirkegaard.

For example, at year-end of 2009 there were 16 low-density detached market lots remaining at Cheakamus Crossing Phase 1; 34 single-family and 16 multifamily market lots at Rainbow; and 89 single-family, duplex and multifamily lots at Baxter Creek that had not been built.

There are 20 low density single-family lots remaining in Spring Creek; plus 42 of the same type of lots in Kadenwood (the Peaks), 21 at Stonebridge, seven at Nita Lake Estates and three at Cheakamus North.

There are four single family market lots in Nordic-Taluswood, two lots in Alpha Creek, 13 lots at Alta Vista-Lakecrest, four lots at Alta Vista, six lots in Bayshores, eight lots in Brio-Sunridge Estates, 10 lots in Blueberry, 11 lots at Whistler Cay Heights, two lots at Whistler Cay Estates-Crabapple, six lots at Nesters-Treetops, five lots on Blackcomb-Horstman Estates, three lots in White Gold, five lots at Nicklaus North, 12 lots in Alpine Meadows and 21 lots in Emerald Estates.

Under the Tourist-Accommodation designation, allowing nightly rentals, there are eight dwellings (32 bed units) in Alta Vista Lakecrest Townhomes; 13 dwellings (39 bed units) at Village North-Lot 9 Whistler Celebration Plaza; eight dwelling units (36 bed units) in Blueberry, 39 lots at Nicklaus North-Cypress Place; 14 dwelling units (60 bed units) at Nicklaus North-Glen Abbey Lane; and 39 dwelling units (64 bed units) at the Hillman Property on Alta Lake Road.

The biggest single Tourist-Accommodation zoned property remaining is part of the tennis lands to the north of Whistler Village being developed by Holborn. Current zoning for that project includes 400 market hotel units with 837 bed units, plus 27 resident-restricted dwelling units with 108 bed units - including seniors housing proposed for the site. That project has been working through a rezoning process to the change the type of accommodation but was placed on hold in 2009 due to economic considerations.

The RMOW's bed unit count also doesn't include development just outside the municipal boundaries, including the 180 lots at the Wedge Woods development to the north of Whistler. There is also a proposed development in the Soo Valley.