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Bearfoot jazz sensations



Who: Lee Aaron and Anne Fernando with Cameron Chu

Where: Bearfoot Bar & Bistro

When: Friday to Monday, Feb. 14 to 17

If you like jazz, you’ll like what’s on offer at the Bearfoot Bistro all weekend. Two women, at different stages of their careers, will take to the stage with Chu and his piano.

Valentine’s Day features 20 year-old R&B singing sensation, Anne Fernando. The Filipino-Canadian songstress is now based in New York City under the management of Clive Davis, the CEO of J Records, chairman of the RCA conglomerate. Davis has a reputation for spotting and developing new musical talent. His recent find was none other than Alicia Keys.

Fernando is putting the finishing touches on her first album but is back in Canada visiting family and friends for the holiday season. Chu is an old family friend and mentor who predicts big things.

"This is the biggest year of her life," said Chu. "If it all works for her, by the end of the year, you’ll be paying a hundred bucks to see her at GM Place."

Chu, the grand piano maestro, has worked with Fernando since she was 12, helping her get gigs and introducing her to the right people. ‘She was amazing then and is incredible now." Sounds like this show will be one of those that’s a case of "I saw her when…"

Lee Aaron should be no stranger to hard rock fans of the ’80s. The former heavy metal queen and hard core party animal had several hits throughout Canada, England and Europe, including Only Human, Whatcha Do To My Body and Hands On.

After several Juno awards, label changes, divorce and a bit of a respite, Aaron reinvented herself as a jazz singer. She surfaced in a Vancouver nightclub in 1997 and the rest is history. But her rock roots are still firmly entrenched in her musical resume.

Throughout 1998 she continued to play jazz at various Vancouver nightclubs and at the end of the year she also began an intermittent rock tour of Canada that continued through to the present.

Fernando and Aaron will perform from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., with Fernando appearing on Friday night and Aaron Saturday to Monday.