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Bear invades Whistler Cay home

Incident results in destruction of the young male bear



A young male bear paid the ultimate price for entering a home and getting too close to humans this weekend. Inspector Chris Doyle with the Conservation Officer Service said the bear was deemed to be a safety risk and a conservation officer killed the bear when it was located Sunday.

Doyle said the bear went into a Whistler Cay Heights residence. While in the home the bear knocked over a resident of the home. The resident wasn’t hurt.

The resident was going back and forth between her house and her car.

“At some point the bear entered the home and she came back in and confronted the bear in a confined space,” said Doyle.

The bear tried to go up a set of stairs in the home but encountered another resident of the home.

“The bear was trapped in the house because the door got shut behind it,” said Doyle. “It broke through a window to escape.”

A conservation officer located the spooked bear in a tree near the home after the incident was reported.

Doyle said the bear was only about 18 months old and it had already been relocated once. According to Doyle, the cub’s mother broke into homes. He speculated that the young male likely watched its mother get food by entering homes. The cub, its siblings and the mother were all relocated together in the summer of 2012.

Check back on Thursday for more details.