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bear guy

Chinese conservationist Anthony Marr will be discussing the "crime of the millennium," poaching bears and trafficking in bear parts, at the Delta Whistler Resort May 27. Marr is the founder of the BET’R campaign — Bears, Elephants, Tigers and Rhinos — which is a branch of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee. Marr feels there is a great urgency to protect the North American black bear. The demand for bear parts presents a great threat to bears, and two of eight species of bears in the world are now extinct. Marr takes a Yin and Yang approach to bear conservation. The Yin is long term and concentrates on education. The Yang deals with improvement and enforcement of laws and increased penalties for poaching bears and trafficking in bear parts. The evening discussion begins at 7 p.m. and is sponsored by the Jennifer Jones Whistler Bear Foundation. Admission is by donation.