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Bear euthanized after unsuccessful relocation

Local conservation officer Chris Doyle euthanized a mature female bear on Tuesday night because she had become so habituated to humans.


The bear was caught in a bear trap in White Gold after numerous incidents at the Riverside Campground.

Only a few weeks earlier Doyle had captured the bear and gave it a short distance relocation but she made her way back to the campground, where she was breaking into tents and removing sleeping bags.

Doyle decided to euthanize the bear because she had no fear of people and she posed a public safety risk. He also didn’t think it was wise to give the bear a long distance relocation given the fact that she had become habituated to campsites.

"It’s not an easy decision," he said.

"It’s the last thing I want to do."

Another bear has forced the closure of campsites in the Cheakamus Lake area though the trails will remain open.

Doyle described the bear as very aggressive. It will intimidate people to get their food, he said.

Park Rangers are in the process of hazing the bear to move it away from the area, including using pepper spray.

Over the long weekend, the conservation office fielded 30 complaints about bears in the Whistler area.

Doyle encourages anyone who has a bear hanging around his or her house to call the conservation office.

He said their behaviour can deteriorate quickly once they get into a house. A number of complaints to date have been about bears breaking into homes with people inside.

Doyle recommends calling the 24-hour manned call centre phone at 1-800-663-WILD (9453) if anyone has a bear problem.

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