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Bear destroyed at Alice Lake Park

Grizzly bear warning issued for Cheekye Fan area



A bear that accessed unsecured food and garbage left out by a pair of campers in Alice Lake Provincial Park was destroyed by conservation officers over the weekend.

It was the fifth bear destroyed in the Sea to Sky region this year.

"It was a male bear that had been previously relocated due to human wildlife conflict," said Sgt. Peter Busink with the Conservation Officer Service (COS).

"We based (the decision) on previous conflict and perceived risk to public safety."

The two responsible parties were issued violation tickets under the BC Wildlife Act and evicted from the park.

This weekend also saw a bear accessing food in the Levette Lake area, leading to the shutdown of the Levette Lake recreation site.

"At our recommendation, (The Ministry of Forests) closed down the site and they'll be installing bear caches," Busink said.

"Once they install the bear caches and have given the bear a chance to move on then I believe their plan is to reopen it at that point."

WildSafeBC, in partnership with the District of Squamish and the Conservation Officer Service, also issued a warning about a grizzly bear in the Cheekye Fan area, which encompasses the Squamish River to the west, the Ray Peters Trail network and north of the landfill on Squamish Valley Road.

The trails were not closed at press time, however, it is recommended that until further notice, this area be avoided. If you choose to use the trails, keep dogs on leash and make noise, for example, by using your voice to avoid surprise encounters. If you do encounter any bear: stop, stay calm and back away slowly. Talk calmly and never run or turn your back on the bear.

The COS wants to remind the public to ensure the safety of their families, fellow campers and wildlife by making sure their food and garbage is secured at all times.

Any human/wildlife conflict should be reported to the COS at 1-877-952-7277.


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