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B.C. Snowboard Development Team expands to Cypress


After being based at Big White for the past few seasons, the B.C. Snowboard Association has announced that its development team program will expand its scope to include training at the Olympic facilities at Cypress Mountain.

There are currently 11 athletes on the development team, which is for riders aged 13 and up. However, numbers should increase with more Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky riders joining the team after the selection camps from Nov. 29-30 at Big White, and Dec. 6-7 at Cypress.

Athletes on the team do not specialize, but are encouraged to enter all types of events at the provincial and national level. The competitive season gets underway Jan. 12-13 with the first event of the B.C. Snowboard Association’s Provincial Series at Big White, followed by a series of Canadian Open Snowboard Tour events in Ontario and Quebec.

The BCSA has become a stepping stone for athletes to the national team. Last year 10 BCSA athletes were promoted to the national development group, including Whistler athletes Adam Livingstone, Neil Connolly, Dan Raymond, Helen Schettini and Katie Tsuyuki, while Whistler’s Derek Wintermans was advanced to the national snowboardcross team.

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