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BC Ski Team announces training groups

Whistler skiers make the cut



While the BC Ski Team won't announce its official team for the 2011-2012 season until November, this week BC Alpine released a list of candidates for its higher performance program and team training groups.

"Following a successful 2010-2011 campaign, the stables are reloaded with young guns looking to make a name for themselves among the FIS elite," said head coach Brandon Dyksterhouse. "The rookies are working hard to stay in stride with proven veterans like Conrad Pridy, who has been invited to a World Cup Speed Camp in July, and Tyler Werry, who has recently been named to the Alpine Canada Prospect Group."

Summer training will include about 20 days on the snow and almost daily workouts in the gym. Whistler will host some of the training group's camps, and additional trips may be made to South America or New Zealand.

Whistler Mountain Ski Club will be well represented on the training group with some returning athletes and a few skiers stepping up from the FIS team. The new athletes with the training group include Charley Field, and Sofi Leroux on the women's team, joining BC Ski Team veterans Jocelyn Ramsden and Kailee Darlington.

On the men's side, WMSC skiers Brodie Seger, Charlie Renzoni, Blake Ramsden and Austin Llewellyn will join Whistler veterans Conrad Pridy, Ben MacLean, Broderick Thompson and Ford Swette.

As well as the training group, BC Alpine introduced a High Performance Group for athletes aged 15 to 17, which will include extra camps and coaching over the summer with former national coaches Rob Boyd and Johnny Crichton. It is possible to be with both the Training Group and High Performance Group.

The WMSC's Rae Swette, a FIS-level skier and K2 skiers Kelly Steeves and Rachel Vander Veen will be joining the high performance team. On the men's side, the list includes Charlie Renzoni, Austin Llewellyn, Marc Leroux, Blake Ramsden and Ben Bethune.

As well as bringing in new athletes, BC Alpine noted that six athletes have graduated to the national team this season, including Whistler's Morgan Pridy. Other skiers moving up include Ben Thomsen and Sasha Zaitsoff (both joining the Senior Men's team) and Prospect Group athletes Tyler Werry, Sarah Freeman and Sarah Elliot).

Complete rosters are available at