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bc lands plans

B.C. Lands expects to be active in development issues in Whistler in the next few months. The provincial agency is close to a deal which would see land off of Lorimer Road, above Myrtle Philip Community School, sold to Intracorp, Don Van Der Horst said. The land is zoned for condominium development, the zoning having been transferred to the site several years ago when B.C. Lands set aside land on the Blackcomb Benchlands for a cultural facility. Intracorp is a private company, created a few years ago when Intrawest decided to concentrate on mountain resorts and sold off its non-resort assets. Intrawest President Joe Houssian is involved in Intracorp but the company is not related to Intrawest. No one from Intracorp could be reached for comment on the sale. Meanwhile, Van Der Horst said B.C. Lands has the bed units for 14 or 15 single family lots which it is looking at transferring to a parcel of unzoned Crown land at the end of Valley Drive in Alpine Meadows. If rezoning is allowed the lots would likely be market value, rather than employee. The bed units are already accounted for in the municipality’s bed unit calculations. The municipality has also been eyeing the parcel at the end of Valley Drive. Mayor Ted Nebbeling suggested it might be suitable for the housing facility Whistler’s Mature Action Committee is interested in building. Van Der Horst said B.C. Lands is also looking at developing Crown land in Function Junction, with a private developer, for use as a recycling depot. The Lower Callaghan Valley, which has been the subject of numerous proposals over the years, has also been the subject of discussions between the municipality and B.C. Lands, although not recently. Van Der Horst characterized a proposal last year for a municipal golf course and camp ground in the Lower Callaghan as "more to get the (rezoning) process going." A formal rezoning application has not been considered by the municipality.