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barn dance

RCMP overwhelmed by barn dance drunks Pemberton RCMP officers say they wish they'd had more staff on hand after last Saturday's valley barn dance yielded a significant stream of clearly intoxicated drivers. While they credit the dance organizers for a well-attended and well-managed event, held 12 kilometres down the Pemberton Meadows Road, officers had a different reaction when dance attendees began leaving the scene in the early hours of the morning. A CounterAttack roadside stop was set up at the Anderson Road intersection, but only one RCMP member was available to conduct the screening as others were off on higher priority calls. The lone officer was apparently completely overwhelmed by impaired driving investigations, with only the most seriously intoxicated drivers pulled over. Three 24 hour driving suspensions were issued, although officers say at least 10 or more could have been issued if more police resources had been available. Officers say it is apparent that many drivers do not regard impaired driving as a serious offence and request that people use a little common sense in getting home safely after drinking.