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Balding is beautiful

Fundraiser aiming to raise $15,000 for B.C. Children’s Hospital



There are few things that people spend as much time and care on as their hair. We wash it, condition it, comb it, style it, and maintain it with regular visits to the barbershop or salon. We adjust it in bathroom mirrors, and if it doesn’t look right we cram our hair under hats.

Given our relationship with our hair, it’s a true sign of selflessness when someone is willing to shave it all off to raise money for charity — even more so for the brave women that have stepped up to the barber’s chair at Whistler’s Balding For Dollars events over the years.

So far this year 10 people have signed on to have their heads shaved, raising money for B.C. Children’s Hospital.

Jordan Kobelka, a young woman who grew up in Whistler is one of them. To date she’s raised more than $2,100 towards her goal of $5,000, while preparing to donate her hair to the Wigs for Kids group that supplies wigs to children undergoing cancer treatments. Her sister Brandyn and boyfriend Sandy Tyler are also donating at least eight inches of their hair to Wigs of Kids.

Kobelka isn’t too worried about going bald for the first time, and has a few toques ready for work. She says she was inspired to sign up this year after a family friend recently passed away with cancer.

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