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Backcountry Avalanche Advisory

As of Wednesday, April 28


Please note that "Backcountry" refers to any areas outside the Ski Area Boundary

Alpine: Moderate through Friday

Treeline: Low through Friday

Below Treeline: Low through Friday

Travel Advisory: Windloaded soft slabs are sitting over a hard and smooth April 23 crust on most lee slopes above 2,000 metres. These thin slabs are easily triggered and running quickly with ski testing. Most areas below 2,000 metres are temperature affected with refrozen debris and icy bed surfaces.

Avalanche Activity: Tuesday's storm snow was easily triggered as wet loose size 1.0 activity on Tuesday, and easily triggered dry size 1.0 soft slabs in specific features on Wednesday. Natural size 1.0 to 2.0 loose wet avalanches were observed early last week. Isolated slab avalanches up to size 3.0 were triggered during this warm period. These deep slabs broke trees that were over 100 years old and deposited piles of debris over four metres deep.

Snowpack: Tuesday's new snow is now loaded over the April 23rd crust which is a hard and rough surface. Expect this new snow to start entraining with increased warming and solar affect.

Weather: Cool unsettled conditions for the next few days will result in fluctuating freezing levels, sunny breaks and the slight chance of occasional flurries.