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Backcountry advisoryAs of Wednesday, May 14

As of Wednesday, May 14


Alpine : Moderate trending to Considerable

Treeline : Moderate trending to Considerable

Below Treeline : Low

Travel Advisory : Weak crusts and a moist upper snowpack can be found on all aspects and at all elevations. Expect deepening isothermal conditions over the next few days.

Avalanche Activity : There have been several size one avalanches on all aspects with daily warming. These avalanches have been limited to the moist surface snow but build up quickly depending on the size of slope. Cornices and large "mushrooms" on cliff features continue to be a threat to the terrain below.

Snowpack : We have variable melt-freeze surfaces on all aspects above 1,500 metres. Rapid settlement due to mild temperatures and solar warming has already taken effect in the upper snowpack. There are isolated areas of soft slab up to 10cm in lee alpine terrain.

Weather : Moist conditions will pass on Wednesday as a ridge of high pressure brings warm temperatures to all elevations over the weekend.

– Blackcomb Snow Safety