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AWARE’s position changes on legacy trails

Against Olympic trails in Callaghan valley


AWARE has gone on the record to officially oppose the Olympic legacy trails in the Callaghan Valley.

That marks a change in the organization’s position from only a few months ago when the environmental watchdog was calling for more study on the area before the trail construction moved ahead.

In a letter to the provincial Environmental Assessment Office dated March 27, AWARE’s board of directors said they “fully oppose” the construction of any features in the area.

It listed several reasons for their opposition and stated: “AWARE believes that the impacts to the Callaghan Valley as a result of the construction of the legacy trails are too significant to allow this project to go forward.

“The negative impacts to grizzly bear (as well as other wildlife and habitat) in the Callaghan presented by the project conflicts with provincial efforts to recover the area.”

The letter was sent to the EAO as part of the public comment period, which lasts until April 29.

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