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AWARE, C-3 working to raise profile of Sea to Sky LRMP


To a casual observer it would have appeared as just another group of people enjoying a rafting trip down the Elaho River, but in fact the raft contained members of AWARE and C-3 rafting on a fact-finding mission.

The two groups recently joined forces to support conservation in the Elaho and to emphasize the importance of recreation in the region for the Sea to Sky Land and Resource Management Plan.

"The process is critical to our future and yet many groups and individuals who are eligible to contribute as constituent members aren’t even aware that this process is taking place," said Mitch Rhodes, president of AWARE.

The Sea to Sky LRMP is the first in the province to use the new streamlined system outlined by the Liberal government. More than 70 per cent of B.C. already has LRMP’s in place or in progress to guide land use decisions.

"Industry constituencies are positioning themselves well, but the constituencies such as conservation, fish and wildlife, public recreation and non-motorized recreation need to get organized," said Rhodes.

The Sea to Sky LRMP table has 15 seats, and volunteer members will meet for 24 one-day sessions between September 2002 and September 2003.

For more information on the Sea to Sky LRMP, or to join one of the constituency groups for conservation or recreation, contact AWARE at 604-932-4457 or