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Yet this year, there are nine candidates for the two board of directors' seats from the Vail, Aspen and Glenwood Springs area. In recent years, there were never more than two or three candidates per slot, and not even that many in years prior.

What gives? Auden Schendler, who represents the Aspen Skiing Co. in environmental matters, said he is taking a low profile in soliciting and promoting candidates, unlike the past several elections. Randy Udall, an energy activist and analyst (and this year a candidate), said he's unclear why there is so much interest. At $600 a month, the financial incentive isn't compelling, he pointed out.

Maybe, with the slowed economy, people believe they have the extra time to devote to energy matters.

Yet to be seen is whether residents who get their energy from Holy Cross bother to vote. Most years, the turnout rate has been just 10 per cent, far less than the normal figure of 50 per cent for local town elections. Holy Cross officials said they'd be delighted if 20 to 25 per cent of people put their ballots in the mail.


Mine opening covers a must

PARK CITY, Utah - Park City has enacted a law that requires owners of larger land parcels to plug openings in the ground, most commonly old mine tunnels.

A city official tells The Park Record that several dozen openings will likely be addressed as a result of the new law. Twice in recent years old mine openings have resulted in mishaps. In one case, a skier at Deer Valley had to make his way out of depression after the snow gave way above a long-abandoned mine tunnel. In another case, a dog had to be rescued from a tunnel opening.


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