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400-sq.ft. houses?

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. - As it now stands in Gunnison County, the minimum size for a house is 600 square feet. That goes against the grain of a new movement, which sees value in smaller houses, some as small as 65 square feet. Should Gunnison County loosen the restrictions and allow houses of, say, 400 square feet?

The Crested Butte News reports plenty of discussion at a recent meeting of planning commissioners, but little compelling reason to change. Just one property owner has sought a waiver from the house-size minimum.


March strong for real estate

VAIL, Colo.  - March was a good month for real estate sales in Eagle County, the fourth busiest in the last 27 months since the hyperventilating real-estate market went into a coma.

Land Title Guarantee Co. reports the most vigorous activity in the very high and low ends. Some high-end residential in Vail had a selling price of $2,526. But nearly a fifth of all transactions were sales by banks, and those units averaged $172 per square foot.

Assessments down

EAGLE, Colo. - Eagle County Assessor Mark Chapin usually hears from homeowners protesting that the county valued their property too high, thus increasing their taxes. But with the new assessments, reflecting values of the last two years, some property owners are complaining that he was too low.

In fact, real estate prices tumbled badly during the Great Recession. No news there. But the assessments being released by county officials more clearly show the roller-coaster trends in resort communities.

In Gypsum, located 37 miles west of Vail, home prices have dropped around 45 per cent in the last two years. In Avon, at the foot of Beaver Creek, they're down 34 per cent. And in Vail, 24 per cent, reports the Vail Daily.

In the adjoining Roaring Fork Valley, similar trends were noted in Aspen and its down-valley suburbs. In Aspen itself, values were down 20 to 30 per cent. But down-valley at Basalt, prices in some locations had dropped by up to 60 per cent, reports The Aspen Times.


Lots of interest

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. - By reputation, Holy Cross Energy is perhaps the most progressive electrical cooperative in Colorado, maybe the nation. It delivers electricity reliably and inexpensively while starting to shift toward cleaner sources.