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Avant-garde art illuminating MY Place


Local artist Jean Lee and friends have decided it’s time to go against the norm of "safe" landscape paintings.

The exhibit "Illumination," displayed on the second floor of Millennium Place, is a showcase of unusual pieces by Lee, Scott Johnston and Monica Geniele. Lee said all three artists have a common thread.

"We are all contemporary, unexpected and illuminating," she said. "I am fascinated with Scott’s child-liked yet sophisticated imagery and with Monica, I like the chances she takes with her work."

Lee’s work is quite abstract and the pieces titled In Flight and Gypsy-Blue evolved from her interests in the rock cliff along the Sea-to-Sky highway.

"I was driving that highway frequently and kept seeing both simple and complex shapes running along the rock face, it was architectural and natural at the same time," she said.

Scott Johnston has been drawing and painting since he was a kid and is still influenced by children's artwork.

"My mother is an elementary school teacher and she used to bring home some interesting stuff her students had done. I’m impressed with the simplicity, vibrant colours and focus that kids seem to be able to bring to their art."

Monica, a Montreal native, moved to Whistler in 1986. Her artwork combines a variety of textures, materials and earthen collage materials that capture the magic and essence of her surroundings.

Visit the Illumination exhibit – it’s free – until the end of the month.