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Australian mountain bike rider located

Mountain bike rider’s van broke down between Pemberton and Lillooet




When word that Australian visitor Tim Shiller was missing went out it didn't take long for him to turn up.

According to his girlfriend, he was located between Pemberton and Lillooet.

"He had car trouble and couldnt get reception," Kirsty Hann reported by email from Australia.

"I am just so relieved and so grateful for everyones help. Such a fantastic community you guys have there to band together and help someone."

Original report

Friends of a visiting Australian man are scrambling to find a mountain bike rider who hasn’t been seen Monday, Sept. 9. Tim Schiller was last heard from in Whistler. He planned to travel from Whistler to Pemberton to do a few days of riding in and around Pemberton.

During his trip Schiller had been in regular contact with his girlfriend, Kirsty Hann, back in Australia. She has reported that his credit card was last used on Monday and his phone hasn’t been used since that day as well.

Renee Brickner and her husband Dwayne Kress of Squamish have been spreading the word of his disappearance through Facebook and other means in the hope someone in the Sea to Sky corridor will see him or his van. He has been sleeping in and getting around using a white Chevrolet van with license plate numbers FD 0583.

According to Brickner, Hann spoke with Schiller at least once a day so when she didn’t hear from him on Tuesday she was concerned.

Hann started contacting the people she met while she was with Schiller in Canada earlier this summer to let them know that something had happened to her boyfriend.

“You could hear the tears in her voice,” Brickner said of the brief phone conversation she had with Hann on Thursday.

Brickner said Schiller planned to leave Whistler Tuesday to ride in Pemberton and a missing person report was filed on Thursday.

“The police actually came to our house last night at about 11:45 asking us if we had seen him,” said Bricker.

Schiller is described as an experienced mountain bike rider and he is travelling with two bikes. One of his bicycles is a cross-country bike while the other is designed for downhill riding.

Anyone with information about Schiller or his van is asked to call the RCMP at 604-932-3044.