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Atomic Cross wraps up


The light was the only flat thing on the snowboard cross course on March 21 for the third and final instalment of the Atomic Skier and Snowboarder Cross series. Ian Weinstein won the prize draw for the Atomic 10’22 skis, and Hiroko Wakameda won the Oxygen Sign snowboard.

While the Atomic Series may have wrapped up, there are still a few cross-style events on the calendar.

The fourth annual Garfinkel’s DoubleCross is being held on April 2 and 3. The first ever Crossmax is being held later next month as part of the World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

Atomic Cross Results:

Women Snowboarders

1. Cori Olafson

2. Mayumi Fukuda

3. Tara Curle

4. Liz Moreland

Men Snowboarders

1. Jeff Drummond

2. Reto Miff

3. Kubo Toshikatsu

4. Daniel Ogley

Men Pro Snowboarders

1. Derek Wintermans

2. Dave Sakolinsky

3. Jeff Peebles

4. Perry Bizyk

Women Skiers

1. Sanae Tanaka

2. Jen Nychuk

3. Adrianna Silverstre

4. Kelly Holmes

Men Amateur Skiers

1. Conor Scallion

2. Gabriel Crivat

3. Noah Reid

4. Matt Hummicutt

Men Pro Skiers

1. Brennan Cook

2. Dave Sheets

3. Sam Trepanier

4. Ryan Weese