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Atomic cross draws a crowd


A blanket of new snow on the course slowed down the start and made for an interesting first couple of corners in the first Atomic Ski and Snowboard Cross of the season on Feb. 20. Some 86 skiers and boarders participated in the event, which is actually a pretty amazing turnout for a combination powder day and weekday.

In the prize draw, Joe McLanaham won the Atomic Supercross skis and Drew Hetherington won the Atomic Faces snowboard.

The next event in the Atomic series is another ski and snowboard cross event on March 6. You can train for this event in the Sprite Park Rider Series snowcross on March 1.

Because events have been known to sell out, pre-registration for both events is recommended through any Whistler-Blackcomb ski school sales location, or by calling the reservation centre at 604-932-3434. Same-day registration is available until 9:45 a.m. at the Rendezvous for a $5 surcharge.


Amateur Snowboard Men

1. Patrick Minnick

2. Will Burkhart

3. Dan Wainwright

4. Josh Livermore

Consolation Final

5. Owen Leno

6. Takehisa Tanaka

7. Chris Cayley

8. Darren Peart

Amateur Ski Men

1. Peter Smart

2. Russ Joel

3. Gabe Crivat

4. Drew Hetherington

Snowboard Women

1. Kate Qually

2. Kerry Martin

3. Cori Olafson

4. Bodil Drewsen

Consolation Final

5. Alison Clark

6. Marzie Damien

7. Zarah Pacheco

8. Tara Curle

Ski Women

1. Kim McKnight

2. Kasie Stroshin

3. Breanne Fenyedi

4. Suzie Black

Pro Snowboard Men

1. Adrian Walendzewicz

2. Jeff Drummond

3. Dave Sakolinsky

4. Kequven Lam

Consolation Final

5. Jamie May

6. Ian Weinstein

7. Trevor Clayton

8. Jamie Ford

Pro Ski Men

1. Davey Barr

2. Tyler Gigg

3. Ken Pederson

4. Sead Causevic

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