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Who's the mystery Function Junction knitting enthusiast?


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Someone in Function Junction has been making adorable sweaters for inanimate objects and we want to know who this person is.

No, it is not a slow news week.

Here's what we know so far: a) someone has made finely knit garments for both the stop sign at Millar Creek Road and the bike rack next to Cracked Pepper b) they are funkifying this neighbourhood, albeit modestly, in a much-needed way. Certainly these metallic, inanimate objects could have used these garments during the winter but, hey, better late than never, we say.

Anyway, whoever this phantom Function knitting enthusiast is, we'd like to speak to her...or him. We'd like to run a little story about your project, why you're doing it, etc. We support this project 100 per cent and will bat away any bylaw officers who threaten garment removal. We love you Mystery Garment Man/Woman and we desperately need to meet you!

I repeat, not a slow news week.

Email us here: arts@piquenewsmagazine.com.


Bell Media to sponsor WFF

Whistler Film Festival has scored a high profile sponsor in Bell Media.

Bell has signed a two-year as a lead sponsor. WFF executive director Shauna Hardy Mishaw says the partnership took a year and a half to secure.

The 2012 festival will be held November 28 to December 2. In the meantime, Hardy Mishaw says they'll be actively seeking more sponsors.

"Absolutely, driving more sponsorship for the festival is critical for our success," she says.

WFF has been seeking sponsorship dollars since American Express pulled out as a presenting sponsor in 2010. Bell Canada was a WFF sponsor in 2007 and 2008. With Bell Media, a subsidiary of Bell Canada, on board, the festival will have ready access to the company's television and radio networks, including CTV, E!, Bravo and Much More Music.

"For us being aligned with Bell, which is a premier multi-media company in Canada, with a leading television network, digital media networks and radio networks, is what's going to help us to propel the festival to the next level, on the national stage," she says.

Between Shifts sweeps competition

Anyone who went to see Between Shift's production of Cemetery Club was in for a treat. In short, it was an exceptional piece of local theatre and now it's on its way to compete in a provincial competition after sweeping the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival last week.

Competing against five other local theatre companies over six nights in North Vancouver, Between Shifts won 10 of the competition's 11 awards, including Best Overall Production, Best Director (for Judi Price) and Best Actress (For Kathy Daniels).

Now, having beaten the competition in the local zone, Between Shifts will perform at the Mainstage Festival in Kamloops during the first week of July, where they'll go head-to-head with local theatre companies from across the province, vying for "coveted provincial honours."

We're not completely sure what this means (probably a plaque of some kind) but we have every confidence that Cemetery Club will, ahem, knock everyone dead.

Local artist Susie Cipolla wins award

Two weeks ago, we wrote about Chili Thom's first art award ever. He won the Federation of Canadian Artists "Best in Show" award at the annual Landscapes exhibition.

Well, it turns out that another Whistler artist also won an award at the same event. Susie Cipolla was given "Award of Excellence" by the FCA. Since we missed out on giving her praise last week, we're making it up to her now.

Suzy, we're terribly sorry for this. That FCA website is a terror to navigate. It probably won't happen again, but if it does we hope you're a forgiving soul.


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