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So you think you’re funny?



So you'll be sitting there watching this abysmal season of Saturday Night Live, thinking, "I can write better skits than this in a coma."

Well here's your chance. Bushwoman Productions is asking for ideas and submissions for their upcoming Whistler Town Party shows - three comedy variety shows they'll put on in conjunction with the Whistler Arts Council.

Each show will include skits, music, dance and an SNL-style newscast. A small cast of theatre regulars (we know who you are) is already on board, but now Michele Bush, head Bushwoman, is asking for more ideas.

She's looking for skits, news ideas or requests to perform. That means that you could, potentially, write and perform in your own skit! That way, we'll all get a chance to see how funny you really are(n't).

Basically anything goes, so long as it fits in with the show's theme. The first production, "Scrooge Was Right - A Whistler Christmas" is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 8. The second, "By the Time Cupid Got to Whistler He Was Drunk," is scheduled for Feb. 3. The third as yet untitled production is slated for April 6.

Send your ideas to Michele at bushwoman@telus.net. Good luck. Think funny.

Milner does good, Whistler does bad

It appears that Ali Milner is not Whistler's favourite redhead. I'm basing this solely on her poor social media score for Cover Me Canada - or should I say your poor social media score.

I'm not judging here but it's worth pointing out that Ms. Milner is in the top five for the CBC singing competition, despite having the lowest amount of online votes from the general populace. Those votes can earn Milner immunity if she earns enough of them, and yet...and yet.

This is sad! This is the biggest thing to happen to Whistler since the Olympics! This isn't even about Milner anymore, people - Whistler needs her to win. Local morale is at an all-time low! We need to prove that Whistler has not yet peaked, and this is the perfect opportunity. Let's place all our hopes on Ali Milner and make sure she makes it to the top. Vote for Milner. It'll be the best thing you ever do.

Or don't. Whatever. Because you know what? Milner doesn't need your votes. That's right. She's going to be star! Ron Fair said so.

Following her performance of Gino Vannelli's "I Just Want to Stop," (with Mr. Vannelli joining her on stage), Fair said, "You're going to be a star."

Of course, this came at the end of a spirited critique of her performance. Fair said the band missed key chord changes and chord turnarounds, but only know-it-all music fascists care about that sort of thing. The rest of us just want a pretty woman singing pretty songs. We know Jordan McKnight does. He called Milner "a porcelain doll." Constructive criticism, anyone?

But Milner was safe in the end, while fellow B.C. contestant Georgia Murray was given to boot. Murray had earned immunity the previous week, so the lesson here is NO ONE IS SAFE...except whoever gets immunity.

To ensure Milner's immunity, visit www.cbc.ca/covermecanada. Cover Me Canada airs Sundays at 9 p.m.

B-Grade Horrorfest all sold out

You read that correctly. The 2011 B-Grade Horrorfest is sold out. According to Feet Banks, Horrorfest organizer, they sold 700 tickets in 24 hours. Organizers released another 100 tickets Wednesday night but chances are they're long gone by the time you're reading this.

We could be wrong though. Visit www.heavyhitting.com to try and snag a ticket or two. Or scour Craigslist. Something will pop up