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February’s Celebration 2010 showcases Whistler’s arts potential



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• Children’s Arts Festival

• Missoula Children’s Theatre

• The high school’s annual musicals

• Tuned Women

• Live music

I’m certain I have left a few things out. There is enough artistic expression in Whistler that something could be left off an already impressive list. The present is an exciting time for the arts. Not only because so many people are so amped about what they are doing, but also because there are now resources available to further the arts.

"But the looming question is whether fuel will be added to the fire, or not. I would say Whistler is at a cultural crossroads – the arts can flourish or flatten. There are strong signs that it will flourish, but much depends on whether the community and its stakeholders will spin its tires or get traction"

— Doug Perry

This month, Whistler enjoys a glut of arts events. Celebration 2010, the annual cultural festival supported by the Whistler Arts Council and the 2010 Olympic organizing committee, showcases all artistic pursuits in the month of February. There is ArtWalk, a Cultural Cabaret, Out of Bounds, Brazilian music and Capoeira with Aché Brasil, readings from local and non-local writers, presentations from the museum, the naturalists and the photographic society, Tuned Women, Famous Movie Monologues of Love and Lust, SWARM, Lorne Elliott, a drumming workshop with Pepe Danza, street performers, an artisan market and an adventure film screening by the Whistler Film Festival. All these arts events are happening all over the village. Businesses and local and non-local artists are all participating. So, now, for one month a year, we have an abundance of the arts. This celebration is not only a suggestion of where we could go year-round, but also proof of what we have already achieved.

The maturing population needs more than sports. There is zeal to create, to be entertained and to broaden our horizons. Whistler is the home to many individuals who are now keen to pursue something with the same vim with which they would attack the mountains.

"Part of any sustainable approach to community is offering a variety of experiences and activities. A healthy community rich in opportunities for children, youth, adults and seniors will result in a more permanent community. The arts provides balance to a community built primarily on sport recreation. It enhances the soul of the community and enables our artists to express themselves and reflect ideas and images of the community in their work. Our artists help us tell our story and give us inspiration as to what shape and direction our story can take."

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