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The main plot of the story centers on the tale of a suburban teenager who tortures and murders his father, cutting him up piece-by-piece with a hack saw. The plot explodes into other characters and stories, aiming to creep out audiences and also shed light on society’s urge to exploit violence and the way society turns children into monsters.

John Kei Mah of Vancouver executes the challenging role under the direction of Alex Bruhanski, founder of the Bruhanski Theatre Studio.

Tickets are $18. Advanced tickets are available at the BAG and Mostly Books. For more information, call 604-898-3333.

Horror Fest matinee

Tickets are still available for the matinee showing of the Fifth Annual Heavy Hitting Films B-Grade Horror Fest Monday, Oct. 30 at 4 p.m. at MY Millennium Place.

Staying true to tradition, the evening show sold out within days. The festival, showcasing local horror short films, is a favourite Halloween pastime.