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ARTrageous kicks off July 6



Annual art fund-raiser includes mixed media, live auction

What: ARTrageous

When: July 6, 7 p.m.

Where: Underground at Whistler Conference Centre

Opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with gum and honey, gouache and other visual delights are on display next month at Whistler’s annual ARTrageous.

The multidimensional show of Whistler art takes place this year under the Whistler Community Arts Council’s 20 th anniversary theme of "connecting art with heart."

"It’s a celebration of the arts, and promotes local artists in Whistler," says co-ordinator Kasi Lubin.

Fifty artists took part in last year’s show.

The annual art exhibit is a popular forum that includes mixed media works, in various sizes.

This year events will include digital photography portraits, a bird painting workshop run by the public art committee of the Resort Municipality of Whistler, and a live auction fund-raiser for the Whistler Community Arts Council with MC Chris Quinlan.

To muse the art a la martini, a cash bar will be open at the event.

Artists are invited to donate one piece of work in keeping with the event theme, and they set their own minimum bid. If the auction item is sold for more than the minimum bid the proceeds will go towards the council. If the item does not sell for the minimum bid, the work will be returned to the artist.

Live entertainment from Big Up keeps the event hopping.

A palm and tarot card reader and a fortune teller will also be on hand to predict just what might look great on your walls.

ARTrageous is one of the core annual events of the Whistler Community Arts Council, founded in 1982, whose vision is to stimulate and promote growth and participation in both visual and performing arts in Whistler. Newly appointed Executive Director Doti Niedermayer will also be at ARTrageous.

Space allotments for participating artists are assigned on a first come, first served basis. A few spaces are still available.

Tickets are $5 at the door for the event.

For more information call Kasi Lubin at the Whistler Arts Council office, 604-935-8419.

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