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Artisan market needs more artisans

Creekside Artisan market created in wake of Made in Whistler marker cancellation



Local artists and artisans have a new venue to sell their wares. The Creekside Artisan Market will be held every Friday afternoon year-round at Nita Lake Lodge.

Penny Eder and Uschi Scherer launched the market after the Made in Whistler market at Whistler Olympic Plaza was cancelled in June. Nita Lake Lodge general manager Roger Soane offered the space and the first market was held on Friday, July 13.

"(Response) has been pretty good," Scherer says. "There have been buses coming by. The train guests will stop by. Unfortunately, on that day, it was pouring rain and that was the day when we actually had live painting, so there wasn't much traffic then."

The goal is to have as many artists and artisans as possible, along with live painting demonstrations and live music.

Currently, Scherer says they're simply trying to build the market up.

So far, there are only four vendors selling their wares.

The market is open to everyone — except food vendors, as Scherer says they don't want to compete with the Farmer's Market — and they charge 15 per cent of sales made that day, five per cent of which will be donated to a charity within the Sea to Sky corridor.

"Basically, if they don't sell anything, they don't have to pay," she says. "It makes it easier for younger people who are not established to get into this kind of thing."

The market is currently held outside the Nita Lake Lodge. Come winter, Scherer says they'll likely be able to move it inside the lodge.

"We're hoping to have it a year-round event," she says.

Local actress scores role in film

As we've previously mentioned, local thespian Angie Nolan was in the running for a part in the Kokanee-produced film The Movie Out Here, a buddy comedy about all-things Western Canadian.

The film has utilized the Internet and social media to rally Kokanee drinkers to add their own marks on the film. Voters could choose certain locations where the film will shoot; they could vote to have their own props featured in the film; and they could vote for which actors they'd like to see in the film.Well, as it happens, Angie Nolan won the part. It's her first role in a feature film, and although it's a small part (as far as she knows), she's still rather pleased with the news.

"It's awesome!" she says with a laugh. "It was some work but..."

She has no idea how many people she beat out for the role — the initial audition process at a downtown Vancouver bar included hundreds of hopefuls. Similar auditions were held throughout Calgary and Edmonton. She was then shortlisted in the top two and last week was deemed the winner.

As for what the role actually is, she says "it could be a permit clerk" but, really, she has no idea. She's not even sure when she'll be filming.

"They'll call me anytime between mid-August into later September. So I'm kind of on hold," she says.

"They're pretty secretive."

Assuming she's not filming this movie, Nolan will perform the lead role in Stephen Vogler's new play Agnus, debuting at the first-ever Flag Stop Theatre & Arts Festival at the Point on Saturday, Aug. 11.

For more information about the The Movie Out Here, visit www.themovieouthere.ca.