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Art walks organized by galleries


The recent adoption of the Whistler Community Arts Council’s vision for arts development includes a proposal for "art walks" in the village. Two local galleries have taken the initiative to organize the guided tours on their own.

"The tour will take about an hour, starting in the adele-campbell Fine Arts Gallery," explains Liz Harris of the Black Tusk Gallery. "We’re going to walk people through the village, show them where the galleries are, take them in and give them a glimpse of what they are and what they carry. They can then go back at will to spend more time in the places that interest them.

"The purpose of the walk is really to familiarize people with the village and where the galleries are because many of them are quite hidden."

Written information has been dropped off to area hotels and concierge desks to generate more interest and assist those who might already be looking for an alternative to Whistler’s traditional sporting experience. Fairmont Chateau Whistler concierge, Alex Schmidt, confirms a growing number of vacationers aren’t interested in sports at all, and are eager to find activities that reflect other aspects of Whistler’s culture.

The adele-campbell Gallery has organized a volunteer to guide the walks which means the tours will be free. The tours begin June 28, and will run each Tuesday at 11 a.m. through the summer. Anyone interested should meet in the Delta Hotel, on the lobby level next to the art galleries.