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After all the notes, charts and discussions were recorded and the organizations, consultants and new faces who showed up at Saturday’s workshop had their say, the momentum for Whistler’s cultural plan shifted to analysis. The plan is a 10-year work in progress, but the immediate future is as follows: o Consultants will hold a workshop with Whistler’s nine person steering committees to analyse the issues and suggestions that came out of the Jan. 29 workshop, in addition to referring to the interviews with arts groups completed during the last two months. This phase includes looking at other community models. o Consultants will then discuss and articulate the findings among themselves and make strategic recommendations. o Issue a draft report to the steering committee who will look for public input, revise the report, then make the final report accessible to the community, possibly by March, 2000. o The Whistler Cultural Plan might ultimately lead to a new "umbrella" group for the arts in Whistler.

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