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Are you Canuck enough?

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43. Bathtub racing has a loyal following, with ‘tubbers’ traveling across the world to participate in grueling water races. What Canadian city is also known as the Bathtub Racing Capital of the World?


44. On May 18, the U.S. government listed polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. What is the major threat to the 935 polar bears living around Hudson Bay and Churchill, Manitoba?


45. While Canada was first established as a country in 1867 the first European settlers started arriving long before then. What is the oldest continuous European settlement in Canada?


46. Where did Canada’s single greatest disaster happen? (Hint: It was in 1917).


47. Even though Canada is a country known for its cold winters, things do heat up in the summer time. Where was the hottest temperature ever recorded?


48. What is Canada’s longest road? (Hint: It is also the third longest national highway in the world).


49. Canada’s oil reserves are considered second in the world, after Saudi Arabia. What is the name of the largest oil sand reservoir suitable for surface mining in Canada?


50. What is the deepest lake in Canada?



51. Who was Canada’s first (and third) Prime Minister?


52. Who was Canada’s first female Governor General?


53. Who has been recognized as Canada’s “greenest” Prime Minister?


54. Which Prime Minister established English and French as Canada’s official languages?


55. Who was Canada’s youngest Prime Minister?


56. Who was Canada’s first female Member of Parliament?


57. Who is credited with bringing the Canadian constitution back to Canada from England?


58. According to Politics Watch, Canada has five major political parties…what are they?