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Are you Canuck enough?

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28. What Canadian sports group (with support from their U.S. counterparts) is taking the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) to the B.C. Supreme Court to force their inclusion in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games?


29. What team stunned the Canadian curling team at the Men’s World Curling Championships this past April?


30. In 2007 a Canadian road rider became the first to win the overall UCI America Tour title, earning Canada a third spot in the 2008 Summer Olympics? Who is that rider, and what Whistler racer is on his team?



31. How did the White House get its name?


32. Which were the first provinces in Confederation?


33. After a row between the RCMP and free trade protestors, what Canadian Prime Minister famously quipped: “For me, pepper, I like it on my plate?”


34. What did Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau do during the October Crisis, as members of the FLQ began kidnapping federalists in Quebec?


35. Which province remembers the Quiet Revolution?


36. What was the name of the first sustainable French colony settled in Canada?


37. Which First Nations group was completely wiped out on the East Coast?


38. Who did xenophobic British Columbia send to internment camps in World War II?


39. When was the metric system adopted by Canada?


40. In what year was Louis Riel hung?



41. Canada is a land of many great mountain ranges, including the Rocky Mountains, the Coast Mountain Range and the Appalachian Mountains, not to mention the Cascades, Purcells, Selkirks, yadda yadda. What is the highest peak east of the Rockies?


42. While most of Canada is too cold or damp to grow wine, vineyards do exist from coast to coast, and vintners have been at work for over 200 years. What are Canada’s two largest wine producing regions?