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19. While the design of the Canadian National Flag – better known simply as the Maple Leaf – may seem pretty straightforward, its history is anything but. Which political figure finally launched the Great Flag Debate, which resulted in the flag as we know it today?


20. Although Canada’s (English) national anthem was written by Justice Robert Stanley Weir in 1908, when was “O Canada” officially proclaimed as the country’s national anthem? (Hint: it was the same year that Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer research.)



21. No Canadian hockey teams have won the Stanley Cup since Montreal in ‘92-93, but four teams have made the finals since then. Can you name the teams? And the years?


22. 2008 is an Olympic year, with Beijing, China doing the honours (it was almost Toronto, but the International Olympic Committee thought the Games might ease repression in the totalitarian state). The Summer Games have never been Canada’s strong suit, but the Canadian team hit a modern low at the Athens Games in 2004 for medals — how many medals did the Canadians earn?


23. This past December what Whistler-based Canadian skier earned her first World Cup gold medal in downhill?


24. While controversial at times, there’s no question that Mixed Martial Arts has supplanted boxing as the blood sport of choice for today’s combat fans. Patrons pack bars carrying the latest Ultimate Fighting Championship matches, and Pay Per View broadcasts are hugely popular. What Canadian fighter currently holds the UFC World Welterweight Championships belt?


25. This past winter Whistler Olympic Park opened to the public. What four Olympic nordic skiing disciplines will be held at the venue?


26. Former Vancouver mayor and Senator Larry Campbell recently took an unusual step in June to ban what U.S. sport from Canadian soil, and why?


27. What NHL star recently joined the campaign against Jumbo Mountain Resort, a proposed ski resort outside of Invermere?