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Arctic out flows don’t dissuade eagle counters



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Despite the snow and cold Al Price, Mike Shaw and Steve Britten saw more eagles than they did last year.

While all three men were motivated by their results the talking point back at the gallery was the massive changes the floods had caused to the river system.

"We saw a huge gravel bar had been moved down the river about a quarter mile… and at some point with the next flood I’m sure there’ll be a lot of material that could, potentially, completely block some of the narrow inlets," Price said.

While the opportunity to see one of nature’s most graceful creatures, is the reason why so many people venture to Brackendale on Jan. 4, it’s not the only reason.

Many families and friends come to take in what is a wonderful community event.

"It’s nice to get outdoors; that’s always a lot of fun and it’s a great atmosphere back at the gallery," Ricker said.

"Then there’s always the excitement that it could be a another record year."

The Brackendale Eagle Festival continues throughout January and this Saturday, Jan. 10, one of Canada’s most distinguished wildlife artists, Robert Bateman, hosts an exhibition of his works.

It is $15 entry fee for Bateman’s exhibition but all proceeds go towards Brackendale’s Eagle Tower monument.