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arbor day

Planting for the future Whistler's fifth Arbor Day is set to go tomorrow, but according to organizer Don MacLaurin, there's a lot more to Arbor Day than just planting trees. The program was in jeopardy early this spring when funding to purchase seedlings through Tree Plan Canada fell through. But MacLaurin says a new organization called The National Community Tree Foundation has stepped in to fill the void left when federal funding dropped off. "We have had a very successful run of Arbor Days here in Whistler and we weren't going to let that end," MacLaurin says. Corporate sponsors like Starbucks came forward with seedling funding and MacLaurin says without the help of Pacific Forest Products and the Squamish Forest District the plan would not have been such a success. MacLaurin says about 2,000 trees will be planted in Whistler tomorrow with volunteer crews working around the valley. Volunteers can meet at Village Square at 9 a.m. The crews assigned planting areas are: Rotary Club of Whistler — Alpha Lake Park. WRA — Crabapple Creek at the Whistler Golf Course. Whistler Realtors — Meadow Park. Guides and Starbucks — Meadow Park Trail. Whistler Singers — Rainbow Park Trail. Snow Creek Group — Upper Fitzsimmons Creek. Over 50s-Museum Society — Whistler Cemetery. AWARE — Lorimer Bridge, Fitzsimmons Creek. Whistler Angling Club — Lower Crabapple, Millar Creek, Scotia Creek.

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