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April Tourism numbers mixed


The number of visitors arriving in Canada via B.C. slipped (-0.3 per cent seasonally adjusted) in April as fewer Americans (-0.8 per cent) crossed the border into B.C. Same day trips were down (-4.6 per cent), but the number of overnight visits from the States increased 1.1 per cent.

Overseas entries rose (+1.1 per cent) in April, largely because European entries rebounded (+7.4 per cent), posting the strongest increase in three years. However, entries from Asia (0.8 per cent) and other regions (-4.3 per cent) were down, largely because of a 14.4 per cent drop in entries from other parts of North and Central America and the Caribbean. The swine flu epidemic began in late April, and while this played a role in the downturn, entries from Mexico to B.C. began to slump earlier in the year.

- Statistics Canada