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April Fool’s brings in jokers

funniest day of the year at Dusty's



What: Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Night

When: Saturday, April 1

Where: Dusty’s

Tickets: $15

What better way to celebrate April Fool’s Day than to have a good laugh.

The comedy troupe Yuk Yuk’s is giving audiences three chances with a three-comedian lineup Saturday at Dusty’s.

The hilarious Damonde Tschritter headlines the event, bringing 10 years of international comedy experience to the mic, including sharing stages with the likes of Robin Williams, Adam Sandler and Tim Allen.

"I met Robin and Adam in two of the first five shows I did," Tschritter said. "I thought it was normal. I didn’t know it was rare. I thought you go up and do five minutes and then they put you on the Tonight Show."

Williams gave him the, "nice job kid" and shook his hand after his set, and from there the former production assistant never looked back.

It was a ruptured spleen that helped Tschritter get his start, forcing the avid surfer to lay low for a while. After watching Evening at the Improv on the television night after night, the high school funny guy realized "Hey, I can do that."

A couple of amateur comedy nights in Vancouver later, he officially became a "professional" comedian landing his first paid gig with an offer to do a set in Prince George.

"Man I’m a professional comic," Tschritter remembers himself thinking at the time. "They paid me $100. I probably came home with $10 in my pocket."

He worked for every penny as the redneck crowd booed the "city boy" even before he had begun.

"They booed me for the first five minutes and all I could think about was that I had 15 minutes to go or I wouldn’t get my $100 bucks. I barely lived through it. It was my first introduction to being a ‘professional.’"

The storyteller carried on with spots on the Comedy Network as well as CBC television and radio. He also starred in films such as Cool Undercover , Metrix and Corked Lightening . He was the first Canadian to finish in the top three of the Seattle Comedy Competition.

"There are three types of comedians," Tschritter said. "People who see it and know how to write and figure it out. People who come to amateur nights and are complete freaks. And people who are just generally funny."

Maybe a good comedian embodies a little bit of each.

Tschritter will be joined by Jeffery Yu, who was voted Vancouver’s funniest comic and is a writer with This Hour has 22 Minutes . Erica Sigurdson, whose punch lines are no stranger to CBC Radio’s Madly Off in All Directions and the national comedy festival circuit, is also part of the bill.

Celebrate April Fool’s Day with the peace of mind that you won’t be the brunt of the joke. Advanced tickets are $15 and available at Dusty’s. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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