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Apres in Action knows what’s hot



Whistlerites are being invited to "Apres in Action" this afternoon, an event where townspeople can converse about the biggest topics facing the resort town.

The April 2 event is being put on by Whistler 2020, which has collected results from more than 200 online survey responses polling what's hot in Whistler. Now they know - and they want to kick up some active discussion and seek recommendations for action in the future.

The three top survey topics are as follows:

• The Costs of Life - What are the benefits to a life in Whistler? What are its drawbacks? This topic focuses on affordable housing and all other things one needs to maintain a high-quality life in Whistler.

• Childcare/Daycare - forever a hot topic in Whistler. It has municipal councillors storming out of meetings. Is there enough childcare in Whistler? What can be done to take care of Whistler's children?

• Financial Fallout and Build Out - it's a turbulent financial world out there, and Whistler is not immune. How to ensure the long-term success of Whistler business? How do commerce, capital, services, taxes and real estate factor in to that?

All are invited and there is no admission fee. Whistler 2020 wants to hear from you about what you think are the pertinent issues facing this town. DJ Ace McKay-Smith, a.k.a. Foxy Moron, will provide atmospheric music and beverages and nachos will be served. It goes down Thursday, April 2 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Telus Conference Centre.

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