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Animal regulations with some teeth

Whistler residents divided over calls to ban specific dog breeds



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"After that it will be Dobermans then Rottweilers then German Shepherds then Malamutes and pretty soon all you will be able to own is a poodle, and they are one of the worst biters of all," he said.

A misunderstood dog, Lungren said pit bulls love and thrive on human companionship and owners who fail to realize this and chain their dogs up alone are asking for trouble.

McLellan finds little comfort in knowing pit bulls can be loving because she has seen the unpredictable side of their personality. It’s a side she hopes all owners of these breeds of dog are aware of.

"I tell my story to everyone," she said.

"A couple of days after the attack I took Bo to the Valley Trail and I saw a young guy there with a pit bull puppy," she said.

The puppy owner said, "He is the cutest thing ever, don’t you just love him?"

McLellan replied he was cute but added: "Just make sure you train that dog because my dog just got attacked two days ago and I showed him Bo and I said, ‘this is what can happen and you just don’t want to live with that.’

"He was a really tough guy with tattoos and earrings and piercings and he said: ‘Oh my dog will never do that. He is the coolest dog.’

"Well you don’t know. As much as you think you can train it and take care of it you just don’t know."