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Andrew re-elected in Mount Currie

Seventh term for chief



Leonard Andrew has served on Mount Currie Band council since 1973, “when the chief of the day asked ‘Are you home now?’” Recently elected to his seventh two-year term as chief of the Mount Currie Band he seems to be well and truly home.

Andrew defeated Chris Wells 325 -136 in his bid for band leadership.

Elections, which took place the weekend of March 10, saw not only Andrew returned to office but all 10 incumbents seeking re-election to Lilwat Nation council.

Andrew, 62, was first elected in 1981 as chief and served until 1989. He ran again and won in 2003, dealing with issues such as budget deficits, road improvements and the need for a cultural centre. In his speech to members prior to elections Andrew called on council to assist him, saying, “I am only one man.”

Other members elected included Bruce Edmonds, Alphonse Wallace, Patricia Williams, Morgan Wells, Lucinda Phillips, Chris Wells, Maxine Joseph, Martina Pierre, Shirley Wallace, Ruth Dick and Loretta Pascal. Number of votes ranged from 324 for Edmonds to 188 for Pascal. Fifteen other members also ran on the slate of candidates for the 12 seats.

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