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“That Seventies Show

Whistler residents and visitors share their memories of a wilder and crazier time in the valley – and their perspectives on Whistler’s rapid change



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While the resort has changed in countless ways since the ‘60s and ‘70s, many aspects of what many call “Whistler’s golden years” remain, no matter what the latest casualty of rocket-speed development is – on the mountains themselves. Cruising the slopes is still what most people come to Whistler to do. As long as that is still the case, Whistler Mountain founder Franz Wilhelmsen should be proud – regardless of whether that person is wearing Spyder or blue jeans, on snowboard or skis.

But people like Burrows will always consider the resort’s early era as its glory years.

“Without question, they were the late ‘60s and early ‘70s when this place was still Alta Lake, in spite of the absence of sophisticated infrastructure and glam frills!” he said.

Raise your stubby to that.