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Anderson’s seven-step program to sustainability



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Since his speech in 1994, Anderson says Interface has cut carbon fuel use by 31 per cent.

"The Kyoto Protocol, which the U.S. does not support, is only asking for about a seven per cent reduction by 2010," says Anderson. "We cut our use by 31 per cent in this industry, which is almost dependent on the stuff, in just seven years and the U.S. can’t cut even seven per cent. If we can do it, everybody can."

From a business perspective, going sustainable was "the best thing we could have ever done, that’s from the most hard-headed business sense."

Customers are embracing Interface’s efforts, and several companies are attempting to follow Interface’s lead.

"They’re our customers now, and we’re theirs," says Anderson.

His final message to the more than 300 people who attended his presentation at the conference centre was that time was running out.

"Every one of us has a choice of what we can do on our brief visit to this planet, hurt it or help it. I’m so glad that this community has chosen to help it."

The next speaker in the series will be Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, co-founder of the "Ecological Footprint" concept that is now used as a measure of sustainability world-wide, on Jan. 13.