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An Elevated Squamish

The Sea to Sky Gondola — a project that battled to get off of the ground — is winding down its first season



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Lures to the town include the world-class Squamish Music Festival, Squamish Days, the Test of Metal bike race, yacht races and the on-going growth of kite boarding in Howe Sound. So far in 2014 there has been a 40-per-cent increase in traffic through the Tourism Squamish visitor centre so far last year.

From May through the end of July, over 110,000 people rode the gondola — it costs $35 for one adult, round-trip ticket, and $99 for a season's pass.

"It clearly adds to the tourist options and opportunities for the whole Sea to Sky," said Jordan Sturdy, MLA for West Vancouver-Sea to Sky, who visited for the May 16 opening of the gondola.

"I would expect, the fact that it's a new project, everybody is going to take a trip up there. You might find that it peaks this summer for a bit, then levels off and slowly builds its reputation over time."

The Sea to Sky Gondola operators are marketing internationally with the intention of making a destination out of Squamish and building attraction for the whole corridor.

"We've been primarily using P.R. to push our message out to the broader market," says Dunn.

"We've had writers come in from all over U.S and Europe and we've had a huge number of television cameras, television stories and writers come to the gondola, from China, Japan, all over Europe and North America."

Business-focused website,, recently named Squamish the best mountain town to visit in North America

Greenfield summarizes his outlook: "It's one of those key pieces of making Squamish something that it's always had the potential to be... A lot of people are waking up to the fact that this town has a lot to offer."