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Amendment to boat bylaw moves forward

Regulations would not impact boaters with whistler address



It's called a "proactive approach" — passing a bylaw amendment to prevent people living on their boats on Whistler's lakes before it becomes a reality.

But municipal hall clarified this week, as the liveaboard bylaw passed third reading, that the bylaw change would not apply to people who have an address in Whistler.

In other words, though the bylaw states there can be no residential use of any kind of a vessel moored or on the water, regardless of the duration of such use, it would not apply to people who have a residence in town.

"This one feels to me that we're killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer," said Councillor Jack Crompton, who despite his concerns, voted in favour of the bylaw.

The bylaw discussion, which raised the ire of several citizens who like the odd lake sleepover, also raised larger issues about the future of Alta Lake and the pressures it is under as more and more people use it.

"It's about the loving to death of Alta Lake," said Councillor Jayson Faulkner.

While the bylaw may seem heavy-handed in some respects, its intent is not to ruin the odd overnight stay on the lake.

"That lake is under more and more pressure every year," said Faulkner.

"It (the bylaw) does give us some tools."