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Stand up and be counted - a tribute to Greg Lee



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Greg Lee was definitely a one-off. Talented, untamed, fun to be around - he managed to inspire just about everyone he crossed paths with. For Sumo ALWAYS lived life like there was no tomorrow.

"Like the great Toni Sailer himself," says Alex Douglas, "Greg was one of the main pillars of Whistler's Summer Ski Camps. He started in the early '70s and was there until the end of Adult Camps in the early '90s. Summer camp life is different. It's not about friendship, work or family. It's living - loving - laughing - crying. Summer camp is all about living life to the absoluteĀ fullest - and Greg Lee got it. Whether it was a homesick 12 year old or a tequila party that needed a boost, Greg was there..."

Which, when you think about it, really set the guy apart from most others. Because when you pull away all the stunts and crazy behaviour, when you look deeper than the Cadillac and kooky clothes, what you find is a man with a very generous heart. And that, my friends, is rare these days.

"Sumo really made his closest friend in the days of the Whistler Glacier camps," concludes Mark Taylor. "And I can see him now with Toni Sailer, Dave Murray, Greg Athans and Ralph Jensen all hanging together on a perfect sunny summer day with the peaks rising out of a blanket of clouds. 'It's always sunny on top' we'd say to everyone on the grey days... even on the worst of the rainy days. That's why I can imagine Sumo saying to us all right now "Don't worry guys - It's Sunny on Top!"

Goodbye old Sumo. We'll miss ya lots...