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Greg McDonnell - speaking out for those who can't



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Indeed. Soon to open at an outlet near you is the WCSS's newest game-changer, the Re-Build It Centre. And there's going to be more, warns Greg. "One of our forthcoming plans is to build a year-round emergency shelter in Whistler. I know there are people in the valley who don't think it's necessary. And I've certainly felt the brunt of their views." He pauses. "But then they don't get to see what my staff sees..."

Like so many of his same-aged peers in Whistler, Greg recently became a father, which has brought him a whole new perspective on the community. "Unlike so many other places," he explains, "new parents in Whistler are faced with the reality that grandma and grandpa aren't around to help. The result? People turn to their friends for support. I've been really blown away by all the help we've received."

With a busy (and successful) counselling practice in Function Junction - in addition to his executive work at the WCSS - one could be forgiven for thinking that this new father has his hands full right now. So why volunteer his time as an advisor for the OCP committee? "The spirit of this place has really nurtured me," he says. "And that's why I got involved. With this community plan update we have an opportunity, in a tribal sense, to participate in defining our future." He pauses. Takes a big breath. "That's why I think everyone who has a stake in this place should be attending the OCP workshop next Wednesday night. Simply put - it's all about us and our families and our lives."