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The old economy is dead: Long live the new economy (But what is it?)



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There are countless others who make a difference in this town. Whether it's Toulouse Spence at the W/B ski school, local boarding curmudgeon Ken Achenback with his Camp of Champions or even crazy Grant Lamont with his classic Cheakamus Challenge bike race - whether it's Whistler Film Society's Shauna Hardy or Origin Design's Danielle Kristmanson or even W/B race department goddess Cate Webster - each of these individuals adds something of value to our guests' visits.

It's a no-brainer right? The future of Whistler, I'm convinced, resides in the work decisions its inhabitants are making, even now as I write this. The challenge, however, is to convince those who still have a stake in the old order to shed their blinkers and acknowledge the changing times. I'm up for the challenge of telling that new story. Are you up for making the necessary shifts in your own life? We'll see...