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Peter Andrews: Giving for the sake of giving



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It was in the fall of 1966, while working for a dentist in Burnaby, that the newly-married Andrews was buttonholed by a long-time ski volunteer by the name of Bob Bartley. "He was a teacher and I remembered him as one of the organizers of the ski racing league that I'd participated in as a high school student," explains Andrews. "And he said to me: 'Don't you think it's about time you gave something back to skiing?' And I figured. Sure, why not? I could do a little gate keeping in my spare time..."

But Bartley had something quite different in mind. As Andrews recounts: "He told me that the B.C. Ski Division was going through some big changes and they needed a new vice president to keep it on the right path." He smiles. Shrugs. "And that was the start of my ski racing volunteer journey..."

A journey that included being appointed president of both the B.C. and the Canadian Ski Associations, accepting various roles with countless international racing committees, and culminating with an invitation to join the FIS Council, ski racing's ultimate governing body. "It's been quite a trip,” says Andrews. "Still, I never second-guessed my decision to quit my position on the FIS Council in 2000. It was time to move on..."

So let's get back to Sun Valley for a moment. Given his story, how the heck did Peter and his family end up with a place in Idaho instead of here at Whistler?

"We bought a condo at Whistler really early on,” he explains. "In fact, our daughter was the first child to be christened in the Whistler Chapel - Christmas of '67, I think. But the trip from Vancouver was really tough in those days. And we got driven off the highway by yahoos one too many times for our comfort." He smiles. "That's pretty much the reason," he says.

"Oh yeah. And the sunshine. I love skiing in the sunshine..."

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